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Trash is taking over, and we’re here to help. Serving Calgary and your surrounding area, we remove waste from your construction site, retail location, office, foreclosed property or home renovation in a flash.

We’re fast because we’re experienced. We uphold the virtues of safety for you, your people and the environment, so you can focus on the jobs that matter.

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We don’t sport superhero costumes that are tight, but we get the job done right.

Commercial company

Commercial Waste Disposal

Commercial waste collection, recycling, roll-off bins, small footprint multi-floor bins.

Trash Gordon residential waste

Residential Waste Disposal

Remove your yard and construction waste or declutter your house with our roll-off bins.

Trash Gordon recycling services

Commitment to Recycling

All of your waste goes to a recycling landfill. LEED reports provided on request.

Trash Gordon pricing


Downtown Construction Sites

No building too small or too big – we’ll get the job done.

Services include:

Scheduling Outside Business Hours
Compact Plywood Bins for any Floor
Floor Protection Matting for Loading Docks
LEED Certification Available ($30 charge)

Pricing based on labour and landfill disposal fees

Residential Waste Removal

For everything from new builds to renovations, repairs & cleanup.

Services include:

Same Day Service Available
Flexible Scheduling
Roll-off Bins with 12 and 20 Cubic Yard Capacities
Roll-Off Bin Drop Off and Pickup
Recycling Landfill Disposal


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Trash Gordon

Saving Your Time

We take your disposal in a flash, without any headaches.

Trash Gordon

Protecting You & Us

We train our team to the highest level of safety.

Trash Gordon

Saving The Earth

We recycle what you have, to save our planet.



What services are covered in the quote?

Our pricing includes drop off and pick up of roll-off bins and the disposal and recycling of waste.

What happens if I need my bin longer than expected?

There will be a $50 charge per additional week for bins with 12 cubic yards, or a $60 charge per additional week for bins with 20 cubic yards.

What safety training do your employees have?

Our WCB covered staff have the training and experience necessary to provide our services in construction sites and high traffic areas. WHIMIS certified, we will be equipped with necessary PPE required by Trash Gordon policies and site-specific requirements. We are also insured for $5,000,000.00 of general liability.

Are you related to superheroes?

Is Clark Kent related to Superman?

Recycling Section


In a world where decisions seem to be made primarily based on greed and power, it is with great passion and honour to have a business where we can make a difference! It is up to every individual to make the right choices for our planet’s future and our next generation’s well-being.

Please help us help the planet!

In using Trash Gordon to take care of your construction & demolition (C&D) waste,
you are ensuring that all of the waste is taken to a recycling landfill that separates
out the recyclable waste for reuse. If requested, we can back it up with a LEED report.

So please: choose Trash Gordon.

Your superhero that keeps it clean while going green!


Tom Rose & Craig West

Co-Directors of Trash Gordon Waste Ltd.


What is LEED?

(Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) LEED is for all building types and all building phases, including new construction, interior fit outs, operations & maintenance, and core & shell. When a waste load is processed as a LEED load, a report will show how much of each material was recovered for recycling. LEED reports are provided for a small fee of just $30 from the recycling landfill, where waste is separated and recycled using the material recycling facility (MRF). Trash Gordon has 0 markup on these reports, as we would instead encourage this process than make any profit from it.


Drywall being dumped at general landfills has been long-linked with many environmental problems, such as the generation of hydrogen sulfide and sulfur dioxide. Hydrogen sulfide is a flammable and extremely hazardous gas that can cause eye, nose, throat, and respiratory issues. Sulfur dioxide is one of the main contributors to acid rain, which results in a negative impact on the environment.

Did you know?

Drywall that can’t be reused by manufacturers can also be used as soil enhancement! Awesome, right? Instead of it taking up space at a landfill and creating toxic gases, we can take it to the correct facilities where it will be cleaned, sorted, and used to have entirely positive uses for our environment. MRFs can recycle 90% of stockpiled drywall material.


When it comes to recycling scrap metal, the list of benefits for the environment and the economy runs long: benefits in energy conservation, conservation of natural resources; greenhouse gas emission reduction; and positively impacting the Canadian economy. Recycling steel uses 74% less energy than producing new steel from raw materials. 100% of the metals that we take to MRFs will be recycled.

Wood & Cardboard

The first and most important benefit of recycling wood, paper, and cardboard is saving trees. Even after replanting trees to make up for the ones that have been cut down, trees take a too long time to reach maturity: this means that the less we cut down in the first place, the better. Wood recycling also helps reduce our environmental impact by preventing less trash from ending up in the landfills, which in turn reduces air and water pollution. Wood recycling is an ideal technique for ensuring that the environment is maintained in its natural state. Furthermore, wood recycling continues to provide new opportunities that keep up with changing customer demand for recycled products, including the rapidly expanding avenue of renewable power in the form of biofuel. The cardboard that we bring to the MRFs are mechanically separated, baled, then transported to brokers and mills to be recycled into new cardboard. MRFs are able to recycle 95% of the wood and cardboard that is brought in.


Even though plastics are relatively uncommon in C&D waste, it is essential that the quantities that are found are recycled. Plastics that we take to MRFs are processed into three grades, with hard materials (including PET type) going to plastic specific recyclers. Film plastic is collected into two grades: clear/opaque and colored. C&D film plastic has multiple outlets: single-stream recycler for combination with the single stream recycled materials, or to a plastics specific reformer/recycler. Specific outlets follow commodity market pricing. 95% of the plastics that we take to MRFs can be recycled.


Awareness of recycling has improved in recent years, but not enough.

In 2007, the City of Calgary approved a waste diversion strategy to divert 80 percent of landfill waste by 2020. This vision was intended for all construction sectors, including Single Family (SF), Multi-Family (MF), Industrial, Commercial, and Institutional (ICI), and Construction & Demolition (C&D).
Sadly, the last waste audit conducted in Calgary, completed in 2014 – indicates only a 20-30 percent recovery rate: a massive difference from the original 80 percent. In 2015, the city council revised its overall target to 70 percent waste diversion by 2025.
For the C&D sector expressly, the city council set a revised target of only 40 percent, which is just half of the original goal.


Calgary recycles only 20-30 percent of its C&D waste and allows the private sector to choose its own waste disposal programs. This means that there are no obligations for contractors to uphold even the current 40% target nor report their waste disposal strategies.
Ultimately, recycling is merely a choice: a sorely neglected choice too often in an industry lacking accountability.

These are some sad statistics. If you choose Trash Gordon to remove your C&D waste, we guarantee that we will take ALL of your waste to a recycling facility because we care to make a difference!

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